Ya’ll, I found Ultimate Hope at the ACA Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, such a blessing at the perfect time! Have you ever needed hope during difficult days in your life? Download the Ultimate Hope List just in time!!  The week after I posted it online, I really needed Hope. Can you relate? Where do you find hope?


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ACA 2019 Conference

ACA 2019 Conference

I can’t believe how awesome this year’s ACA 2019 Conference was in New Orleans!!

For 3 days, I was attending the ACA 2019 Conference in N.O.  It’s the ultimate counseling conference with leaders in our field and counselors from around the world.  (ACA = American Counseling Association)

Thanks to my professor and friend, Dr. Hermann-Turner for inviting me to be a part of the AADA booth @ ACA!!  

AADA = Association for Adult Development and Aging. AADA is a subdivision of ACA, and focuses on advocating for adults across the lifespan, including aging adults!

So, there I was in New Orleans, seeking hope in my personal and professional life!  Interesting how things have a way of coming together in the oddest places.

Believe in your dreams

I found HOPE in New Orleans!

Haha, that sounds funny doesn’t it? How could I find hope in New Orleans in the last 3 days? 

Especially when just 3 days ago, I had just posted a blog article about HOPE!

I get inspired by others who have walked in my footsteps, struggled, and overcame!

My Inspiration

I’d love to share where I find my hope so it can maybe help you find hope when you need it most!

Lately, I’ve been working on reaching out to others who SHINE HOPE in what they do and who they are! At the conference, in my personal life, and in my professional life, I need life-giving people and beautiful-positive energy pouring into me as I pour into them.

ACA Authors

Today I heard from bucket-list authors who have written some of my Counseling books and textbooks!! Feeling proud and honored to sit in awe and learn from great leaders in my field!! 

This workshop was amazing & has been at ACA for the past 15 years!! I hope it’s there every year, because I’d love to hear these authors every year!!

This panel of Authors were sharing their honest tips & advice for those of us with a dream to write books!!

ACA Book Authors

Is There a Book Within You to be Written?

Gerald Corey
Kellie Kirksey
Patrice Moulton
Michelle Muratori
Mark Stebnicki
George Williams
Robert Wubbolding
Mark E. Young

So, at the conference, I grabbed my courage and went up to a few well-known authors in the counseling field and asked for tips and mentoring. They were so nice and so willing to help me, wow, I felt honored and blessed to be a part of such sharing of HOPE!


I hope your journey towards wellness can be created with small steps towards inspiring goals, meaningful relationships, and life-giving transformation.

3 Steps to Hope

  1. Seek Support of faith-filled friends and Pray to a Higher Power (personal life)
  2. Find Mentors in your field and meet new Friends who seek similar goals (professional life)
  3. Reach out to people you look up to, ask for a small step of help (both personal & professional life)

Where do you find HOPE?

Ultimate Hope List preview


I created 2 FREE Printables and put them together in this ULTIMATE HOPE LIST! 

The ULTIMATE HOPE LIST can help you: 

  • get inspired 
  • be creative 
  • and have motivation to live fully towards your dreams! 

I hope you enjoy these HOPE-filled ACTIVITIES & TIPS as mush as I do!!

GET 2 Printables in 1 FREE Download


17 Ways to FIND HOPE
10 HOPE Activities

Ultimate Hope List preview

Download: Ultimate HOPE List

You can find hope in your daily life with the ULTIMATE HOPE LIST.

This ULTIMATE HOPE LIST can help improve your wellness journey! 


How do you FIND HOPE? 

I’d love to hear what BRINGS you HOPE?

Share it with me!

Let’s keep sharing HOPE 🙂

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Connect with me & share how you find HOPE. 

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  • ACA Conference in N.O.
  • 3 Steps to Hope
  • Ultimate Hope List
  • Stay Connected


Read about how to find & create hope!

All 27 tips & activities included in the Ultimate Hope List are actually in more detail here in this blog post.

27 Ways to Find Hope: During Difficult Times


I hope this info is helpful for you on your life journey.  

If so, please share it with a friend and let us know how it has been the most helpful.

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