Spiritual Journey

Moore Wellness offers spiritual companionship and reiki to help you on your spiritual journey to freedom and joy.  

You may be asking what is spiritual companionship and what is reiki?  And what if you're not sure what you believe spiritually or hold sacred?  Or maybe you have a strong faith and want to explore your spiritual journey with your higher power in a sacred space?

Whatever your spiritual beliefs are, whatever religious traditions you hold dear, both spiritual companionship and reiki are honoring spiritual practices to hold you in a sacred space and surround you with uplifting prayer.

  • A Spiritual Companion will sit with you and together, you will listen deeply to the Spirit of Love for guidance and direction.  For many struggling with life's difficult circumstances and blocked paths, this spiritual journey offers a gentle and kind reflection of guidance forward.
  • A Reiki session can help you connect with your inner self and your higher power.  You are held in a positive light and relaxing music, as you center your spirit, you are lifted up in prayer and positive energy healing throughout your soul.
labyrinth and red barn with park bench

Spiritual Journey with Moore Wellness