moore wellness

A healing journey restoring wellness in mind, body, and spirit

Holistic Wellness

Healing in Mind-Body-Spirit

Do you ever feel like you are trying to do it all? Balancing relationships, responsibilities, and jobs can be overwhelming. Pushing yourself too hard can make you feel exhausted and worn out. Add on the extra stress and crisis of life’s transitions. It is no wonder we may forget how to restore our wellness.

We are here for you. We want to help you recover, thrive, and live life to its fullest. Our team of wellness professionals are passionate about helping the broken, wounded, and hurting. We offer holistic wellness practices to reconnect the whole person by rejuvenating the body, centering the spirit, and processing thoughts and feelings.

Moore Wellness, LLC offers a healing journey to restore wellness in mind-body-spirit. We create holistic wellness resources through mental health counseling, chiropractic care, Reiki sessions, and spiritual companionship.

Our Services

We want to...

help people by meeting them where they are in life. Whether it be for life transitions, daily stress, or trauma recovery. We need community connections and holistic coping skills to renew our wholeness.

We offer wellness resources for all people and all ages both in-person and online.

The “mind” to Moore Wellness’s mind, body, spirit culture is represented in our counselors. Our trauma-informed counselors seek to rewire the brain through resiliency-informed therapies, neuroscience education, sandtray therapy, play therapy, creative interventions, and talk therapy.

Our chiropractor represents the “body” to Moore Wellness’s mind, body, spirit mindset/culture. Going beyond chiropractic care, Dr. Mikaela seeks to restore the nervous system, ease a multitude of pain points, and encourage healthy lifestyle changes so that everyone can live pain and disease free.

The “spirit” of Moore Wellness is represented through Spiritual Companionship and Reiki. Regardless of your religion, beliefs, or where you are in your journey, this is a safe space to come with whatever your beliefs are and have a space to connect to your higher power - whatever that looks like in your spiritual journey.