Holistic Wellness

Wellness in Mind-Body-Spirit

Do you ever feel like your trying to do it all? Balancing relationships, responsibilities, family, and career can be overwhelming. With all that’s going on, you may feel exhausted and worn out. Add the extra stress and crisis of life transitions, and it’s no wonder we may forget how to even restore our holistic wellness. So, how do you recover from the stress and crisis?

We are here for you, we want to help you recover, thrive, and fully live. Our team of wellness professionals have a passion for helping the broken, wounded and hurting. We offer holistic wellness practices to reconnect the whole person by rejuvenating the body, centering the spirit, and processing thoughts and feelings.

Moore Wellness, LLC offers a healing journey restoring wellness in mind-body-spirit.  We create holistic wellness resources for those who are exhausted and struggling, to help them restore their wholeness and integrate in mind, body, and spirit.  Through massage therapy, mental health counseling, Tai Chi Easy, Reiki sessions, and holistic retreats, we offer resources to restore holistic wellness.

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Healing mind-body-spirit

Wellness Resources

Through life transitions, daily stress, and trauma recovery, we need community connections and holistic coping skills to renew our wholeness.

Whether online or in-person, we offer wellness resources for all people and all ages:

  • TeleHealth Counseling and In-Person Counseling
  • Play Therapy & Sandtray Therapy
  • Trauma, PTSD, Grief, Relationship Issues, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Illness, Behavioral Problems
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Reiki sessions
  • Tai Chi Easy sessions on zoom and in-person coming this summer
  • Spiritual Direction/Companionship
  • DIY self care kits
  • holistic mind-body-spirit retreats
  • natural & alternative approaches

Join us in creating a healing journey restoring wellness in mind, body, and spirit

Blog Articles

Blog articles include tips & education to help boost your immune system, connect with others in creative ways, and restore your mind-body-spirit.

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Resources & Downloads

Wellness resources & downloads are gathered by wellness experts and include helpful mental health tips, holistic & natural approaches, hand-crafted DIY self care ideas, and restoring the whole person.

Digital Courses & Products

Moore Wellness experts offer empowering courses for holistic wellness. 

We hope these wellness courses can be a guide towards wholeness and wellness by connecting the heart, grounding the mind, and centering the spirt. 

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Services & Location

At Moore Wellness, our clients are important to us & we can’t wait to meet you.

Our services include mental health coping skills, massage therapy & Reiki sessions, spiritual direction and Tai Chi Easy sessions.

We want to help you on your journey!

There are a few ways you can book an appointment, including a free consultation for new clients.

We hope to see you soon, whether online or in-person. Healing happens in relationships!

Moore Wellness Team