Moore Wellness counselors love working with all ages and all people, from helping littles ones with emotional regulation to healing relationships in families.  

Restoring wellness through holistic approaches can look like many things in counseling; for example, somatic techniques and sandtray therapy can help through trauma recovery, and mindfulness grounding skills can help ease anxiety symptoms.

Moore Wellness offers empowering & holistic wellness services to restore the mind-body-spirit. Through life transitions, daily stress, and trauma recovery, we can help build healthy coping skills and rejuvenate mental and emotional wellness.

Resiliency includes bouncing back from adversity, including seasons of difficulty, such as:

  • adjustment issues
  • anxiety
  • behavior problems
  • building coping skills 
  • career decision making
  • complex grief
  • depression
  • emotional regulation
  • empowerment
  • existential concerns
  • grief
  • identify 
  • inner child healing
  • life transitions
  • LGBTQAI+ affirming
  • mind-body integration
  • PTSD
  • relationship issues
  • restoring the nervous system
  • self esteem
  • somatic experiencing
  • stress
  • trauma
  • value clarification
  • wellness

All People, All Ages

In-Person and TeleHealth
  • In-Person Counseling at our wellness center located in downtown Lafayette, Louisiana.  
  • TeleHealth Counseling to clients across Louisiana.

We help all people and all ages:

  • children ages 3 and up
  • teens
  • adults
  • families
  • couples
  • groups

Our Counselors

We have counselors specialized in-depth training and experience.

Session Reservation

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