Traveling improves physical health in Washington, DC!

Ya’ll, what an amazing trip to Washington, DC & I came back so much healthier!!  I came back with more energy, feeling happier, and inspired to meet my goals.  Traveling improves physical health!  So, how did traveling to Washington, DC help me get back in shape in mind, body, and spirit?

Well, that’s the coolest part, this trip helped me improve my health in so many areas!  That’s what I want to share with all my friends!  So, now I’m following the same steps at home and staying in shape physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Would you like to know how traveling improves physical health, or just helps you feel better daily?  Maybe you want more energy?

Washington, DC Trip got me back in shape!!  

Surprise, surprise, my main goal was to present at a conference and enjoy seeing my nation’s capital.  I had no idea that Washington, DC would help me get back in shape in so many ways.

Feeling tired?  Want more energy?   Need motivation?

Traveling helps:

  • motivation to get moving
  • lower stress levels
  • have more energy
  • sleep better at night
  • keep you in shape

Read how traveling to Washington, DC was good for my health and can help you improve your health!

Disclaimer: This information is not meant to take the place of medical advice, please talk to your doctor about what are the best ways for you to improve your physical health.

7 Traveling Tips Improves Physical Health

1. Motivation to get moving!

Each day, my goal is to motivate myself to get moving! This helps me not feel tired all day and have more energy.  And this is increasing by small daily movements!!

I started out the trip with my son and his family at the Columbus Zoo in Columbus, Ohio. What a beautiful zoo and amazing animals!!  We fed a giraffe, it was such a sweet and moving experience.  I feel close to God and a oneness with nature when I’m around animals.

Traveling improves health being close to nature at the Columbus Zoo.

What does nature experience have to do with motivation to get moving?  Well, I had to keep up with my son and his wife, who are in really great shape!!  And I wanted to keep up with my 3-year-old grandson who could literally run circles around me!!

So, there began my getting-in-shape trip!!

Day 1: keep up with grandson

Day 2: rest & visit

Day 3: fly to Washington, DC

Day 4: Meet daily steps goal

This helped me increase my movement because I had many steps in the airports.  After I got to DC, my steps kept increasing because of my motivation to see the beautiful memorials.

2. Meet daily steps goal

Create a daily steps goal.  Now wait, be cautious of really high goals right away.  Choose a realistic, achievable goal.

The first day I reached 10,000 steps while on my trip to Washington, DC, I was ecstatic!!!  WOOHOO!! I couldn’t believe it, the first day was a surprise; but the second day and third day I was shocked!!  How was this happening?

I was motivated to keep moving, despite the sore muscles from the increased exercise.  After a long day visiting beautiful sights in DC, I’d get back to the hotel and look at my steps so far.  What??  I’ve only got 300 more steps until I reach 10,000??

Yep, I got up and walked in the hall, or up the stairs, or to the lounge.  I wanted to reach my daily steps goal!!  I wanted to move to see the beautiful sights in DC, and then keep moving to reach my steps goal.  Motivation is a beautiful thing!

3. Getting more energy

Well with a combination of motivation and increasing my movement each day, I was gaining energy!  After a week of increased movement, I could feel myself gaining energy.

I actually wanted to keep moving and walking.  I wanted to reach a higher goal or at least maintain the goal I was meeting.  This was really working, each time I reached my steps goal for example, the more I wanted to keep on doing it.

Motivation plus confidence equals success!

Success = confidence + motivation

With each success, I gained confidence and motivation to keep trying and keep succeeding.

After a week of waking 10,000 steps a day, I was surprised at how much more energy I had.  I had more energy and realized that there was something to this whole daily movement goal that was working well for me.

Above all, I moved out of necessity at the beginning of my trip to keep up with the family.  At the end of the trip, I chose to keep moving and I wanted to reach my goals.

4. Improve core muscle strength

The more I walk and move, the more core muscles improve.  Improving my core muscle strength improves my muscles in my legs, hips back, and abdomen (tummy muscles).  It’s a win-win!

More Strength

It feels so good to have more strength in my legs and back!!  My legs feel so good, I forgot what muscle strength in your legs feels like.  Every muscle feels so strong.

Less Backaches

I have less back problems and backaches because my back muscles are getting stronger.  Now, at the beginning of my trip, my back and body hurt all over.  Exercise is working the muscles and there is soreness after a workout, that’s normal.

More Flexibility

The more I move my body, the more flexible my body becomes. The less I move my body, the stiffer and weaker my muscles become.  And oh how it feels so good to be able to move my back and hips around.

More Energy

By the end of the first week, my core muscles are gaining strength and I have more energy.  I am not as tired at the end of the day, and amazed at how much more energy and strength I’ve gained.

Walking every day and reaching my steps goal became part of a daily routine while on my trip to Washington, DC.

5. Daily routine

One of the main things that helps me accomplish my goals is having a daily routine.

My routine helps me stay focused on priorities while the basics are automatically part of the day.  The basic tenets in my routine may sound common sense.

Eat a good meal: helps my body stay energized and thriving (3x’s a day)

Drink lots of water: helps me stay hydrated and keeps my body going (4x’s a day)

Vitamins: oh I could talk about vitamins all day, vitamins help me stay alert, focused, balanced gut, build up my immune system (3x’s a day)

Snacks between meals: helps keep the mind thinking clearly (3 x’s a day)

It is amazing how when we skip the basics, it causes us to feel off and just plain yuck.  When we take care of ourselves on a regular basis, we feel better physically and mentally.

Daily routines include small goals to take care of myself: eating healthy, drinking lots of water, taking my vitamins, and eating good snacks throughout the day.  This daily routine helped me see beautiful memorials while traveling in Washington, DC.

What motivates you to get healthy?

6. Healthier eating

I noticed in Washington, DC, we had a fabulous hotel that offered appetizers in the evening.  It was amazing how we could eat those appetizers and actually fill pretty full afterwards.

  • Simpler choices

When we got back home, I tried to think of supper like the evenings in the hotel.  This helps me not get overwhelmed with trying to come up with something for supper.  Keep it simple and it’s easily achievable.

  • Smaller portions

We didn’t need huge portions, just something small to eat would be enough.  If we are still hungry, we can eat a snack later and then we are usually full.  At the hotel, they’d serve a small portion meat, my favorite was the salmon on cedar planks!

Here’s a sample of small portions and simple choices.

Simple Supper:

  • 3 oz. salmon
  • small bowl of veggies (raw or cooked with spices)
  • hummus or ranch dip
  • nut mix

Furthermore, eating healthier also helps me sleep so much better at night. When my gut is happy, there’s better chances my brain and body are happy

7. Sleep better at night

After 10,000 steps each day & my mind at ease, I could focus on positive goals met and sleep so much better.

First, I was exhausted physically which always helps me sleep better! Even with 7,000 a steps a day, I sleep better than if I get only 5,000 a steps a day.

Second, my mind was calm enough and at ease.  I saw so many beautiful and inspiring sights that I felt very peaceful.  Feeling at peace helps my mind stay calm so I fall asleep so much faster and stay asleep.

Third, reaching my goals is very satisfying after a long day working towards a goal.  I feel accomplished, happy, productive.

What helps you sleep at night?

Traveling helps improve sleep!

Summary of how traveling improves physical health:

  1. Motivation to get moving!
  2. Meet daily steps goal
  3. Have more energy
  4. Improve core muscle strength
  5. Daily routine
  6. Healthier eating
  7. Sleep better at night

How can traveling improve your physical health?

Whether you are traveling far from home are just around the town you live in, these 7 tips can help improve your physical health.

Have you ever wanted to travel?  Visit new places?  Visit favorite places near your house?  How can you improve your physical health?

I’d love to hear from you, please leave me a comment, or join me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.  What helps you improve your physical health?


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