KonMari method sparks joy: clean and inspiring

Why Organize Now?

Inspiration & Bringing Joy

Want inspiration to tidy and bring joy to your home? The KonMari mindset has inspiring steps for those who are ready to dive in and create order out of chaos! Is this the tidying season in your life?

First of all, I love organization shows, they inspire me to organize and clean my space around me. Second of all, anytime of year is a great time to get rid of all the extra stuff around.  

In this article:

  • The KonMari Goal & Why it Works: Gratitude & Joy
    • The Real Goal of KonMari Method
    • One Reason KonMari Method Works: New Mindset
    • Guilt vs. Gratitude
  • Attitude of Gratitude
    • Being thankful brings joy!

Is this your season?

We all have seasons of life, some are in seasons needing calm experiences and others are in seasons needing order. What season of life are you in?

  • School/College
  • Raising children
  • Working full time
  • Supporting spouse or partner

After birthdays, Christmas, school year, we always seem to have extra stuff, right?  If this is your season of life that order would help, try a few tips from Marie Kondo, the guru who created the KonMari method.

So, let’s dive into what this amazing organizing KonMari method is all about.

Organizing for Mental Health

When my space is cluttered, it effects my mind, heart, and spirit.  I have a hard time keeping organized, which causes me stress, which causes sadness or disappointment.  

KonMari Method Checklists

To help me stay inspired (especially after I watched all the shows!!), I created a Pinterest Board: Home Organization & The KonMari Method.  Now, I can pin my favorite KonMari Method tips, checklists, and visual inspiration.

Want your own printable KonMari Method CHECKLIST?? More about the checklist in the next article coming soon.

De-cluttering Cleanses the Soul

There’s something soul-cleansing about de-cluttering! You get to decide what is important to you, how much joy it brings you.

You also get to decide what does not bring you joy. Therefore, you give it away.  


MooreWellness.Life blogs about how to feel calmer & have peace-filled spaces.  Clean and orderly spaces around you can help you function better in so many ways!  Read more about organizing methods like KonMari …

clean space = calm space

So, when I have a clean and orderly space around me, I function better in so many ways!

Here’s just a few ways a calm space helps me:

  • More time to enjoy life and spend less time cleaning.
  • Think more clearly because my thoughts stay organized.
  • Focus on my goals because I’m less distracted, with less stuff around.
  • Feel calmer & more at peace in calmer, peace-filled spaces.
  • Better connection with myself, my God, and my friendships in spaces that bring me joy.

Why KonMari Method?

Great question because there are many great cleaning and organizing methods.  I kept wandering what all the hype was about the KonMari Method. So, I started watching Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix, Tidying Up.  

There’s something fun about watching Marie get so excited about people’s messes.  She even jumps up for joy when she sees a big pile of clutter that might make some people run.  She’s so fun and inspiring to watch.

KonMari’s Goal

Marie Kondo’s goal of the KonMari method is not to force yourself to eliminate your things.

MooreWellness.Life blogs about Marie Kondo’s real goal.  Tip: the KonMari method is NOT to force yourself to eliminate your things.  Learn more about the Real Goal of the KonMari Method…

Did you hear that???

The Real Goal of KonMari Method

The goal of the KonMari method is to confirm how you feel about every item you possess.

Goal = to confirm how you feel bout every item you own

Which brings up the question: how do you feel about the items in your home?

How do you feel?

Many times, we are just trying to survive and feel so much pressure about giving away stuff that we get paralyzed and avoid it all.

Avoid Clutter vs. Joyful Declutter

The more we avoid our clutter, the more our clutter grows into overwhelming mountains of more stuff! This never-ending cycle can be broken… there’s some great tips ahead!

MooreWellness.Life blogs about the more we avoid the clutter, the more the clutter grows into overwhelming mountains of more stuff! This never-ending cycle can be broken... there's some great tips ahead!  Read more about …

Avoiding clutter brings more pain.

Dealing with clutter can actually help relieve discomfort. Knowing how to deal with the clutter in a positive & joyful way is the key!

That’s why it works so well in so many areas of life actually.  

Allow feelings to flow

When we can allow our feelings to flow like a river streaming pass us, we can live in harmony with ourselves.

Otherwise, we are fighting ourselves and our feelings, getting exhausted while at the same time getting sick physically and mentally.

Allowing feelings to flow can help us realize:

  • Feelings are temporary
  • This feelings will pass
  • Others have experienced something like this
  • I am not alone
  • My feelings are trying to help me

One Reason KonMari Works: New Mindset

This is where the magic happens internally, I think. 

Starting off with a certain attitude will help you tidy up, it’s the one reason I think the KonMari method works.

What’s your current mindset on tidying?

New Mindset: Being Thankful

Marie Kondo starts off by greeting the house with gratitude and invites the home owners to greet their home with gratitude, too. 

Have you thanked your home lately?

How often do you stop and thank your home for giving you shelter?  I know I personally have not done that since I moved in, which is too many years ago.

Share Thanks

MooreWellness.Life blogs about the KonMari method and how the more we are thankful, the less guilt we feel.  Here are tips on how to show thanks while tidying up…

Start by taking a moment and sharing thanks! Give thanks for your home for giving you shelter & your clothes for helping you feel beautiful.

  • Giving thanks
  • Sharing intentions
  • Spreading hope

By starting out with gratitude, it teaches us to be thankful for what we have and how it has helped us. 

It is a beautiful tradition to practice, intentionally be grateful.

Guilt vs. Gratitude

Many times, we feel guilty giving away items we own.  It’s hard to deal with the guilt, which holds us back from tidying.

Gratitude lessons the guilt.

The more we are thankful, the less guilt we feel.  

  • Feel less Guilt about giving away the items we care about
  • Associate less Guilt about the items people gave us
  • Let go of the Guilt about items that we might use one day

When you’re feeling guilty about giving something away, try being thankful for the item instead.  It will warm your heart with joy. 

Here are tips on how to show thanks during tidying up.

Attitude of Gratitude

This attitude of gratitude changes everything in my opinion.  

Being thankful lessons the guilt.

Be thankful for the items that have helped you and have been there for you.

Marie Kondo teaches the home owners to give thanks to each item they are considering.  

Being thankful

  • Thank you shirt for being there for me.  
  • Yeah, Thank you pants for helping me look good.  
  • Oh, and Thank you socks for keeping my feet warm.

Instead of getting all upset and feeling guilty with your mountain of clothes, try showing thanks and appreciation for the times your clothes have helped you.  This changes our attitudes while cleaning out our clutter. 

Now, the we each can giving thanks for our stuff one item at a time.  This gratitude gives us closure in a sweet, caring way.  

Now, the next step is what to tackle first in your home.  

More on that topic in the next article!


  • The KonMari Goal & Why it Works: Gratitude & Joy
    • The Real Goal of KonMari Method
    • One Reason KonMari Method Works: New Mindset
    • Guilt vs. Gratitude
  • Attitude of Gratitude
    • Being thankful brings joy!


Free Printables: Decluttering Checklist of the KonMari Method & Where to Start

  • Decluttering Checklist
  • Self-Reflective Guide
  • Positive Affirmations


I hope this info is helpful for you on your life journey.  

If so, please share it with a friend and let us know how it has been the most helpful.

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