MooreWellness.Life shares fall family activities for all ages and across generations.  Want to know how fall family activities improves wellness in mind, body, and spirit?

What family activities brings your family together this fall?  I love finding Fall family activities for all ages and across generations.  This blog post lists favorite Fall family activities for all ages.  Read more to see what family Fall activities can toddlers, teens, adults, and grandparents enjoy?

There’s something about planning fun for all ages of our family that gets me excited & improves my overall wellness!  I love planning fun activities for our family all year long, especially during the season of Autumn!  

Family Activities Improve Wellness

Want to know how fall family activities improves wellness in mind, body, and spirit?

When my family is having fun, it fills my soul with a warm and deep happiness.  We have a lot of ages in our family, including my grandchildren and my grandmother. So, there can be up to 5 generations together sometimes.  Seeing so many smiles and hearing laughter is so healing.

Would you like to:

  • Make memories?
  • Grow Closer?
  • Build happiness?

Jump right into fall with one of these fun fall activities for your family!

Fall Family Activities for All Ages

We are planning a few fun activities for our family this fall, let’s see which activities we actually do and what activities are just for planning joy.

I’d love to hear what you’re family does for fun, please send me pictures or ideas on FacebookPinterest, or Instagram.

Fall Fun for Generations

Just recently, my mom was sharing fun ideas that we could do this fall. These are also ideas that have stood the test of time, she enjoyed them as a little girl and my grandchildren will get to enjoy them, too!  Do these sound familiar?

  • Prizes for costumes
  • Bobbing apples
  • Jumping in leaves
  • Caramel apples
  • Popcorn balls – a recipe from my great-grandmother

Here are more fun activities for your family of all ages this fall.

Pumpkin painting

MooreWellness.Life shares fall family activities for all ages and across generations.  Want to know how what's the best paint for all ages? Check out my Pinterest board: Crafts & Wellness Creations

Yes, carving pumpkins is super fun and really messy. So, why not get out the paint and have some fun!  Any age can paint pumpkins, for young children I give them a clean paint brush and a water to brush on their pumpkin.  Even toddlers can paint with supervision and they have so much fun!

We try to paint outside whenever possible, or in the kitchen if it’s too cold or raining. (We’re in the south, we don’t get snow except on rare occasions.)  If inside, cover the floor with a drop-cloth or shower curtain, old towel, something to cover the floor from dropped paint.

What paint do you use on pumpkins?

From experience, make sure to use craft paint or acrylic paint so that it sticks and dries on the pumpkin.  We have high humidity and our pumpkins paint didn’t hold the year we used tempera paint.

For young ages, you can use tempera paint because it washes off the kids’ skin easily.  It will stay on the pumpkins long enough for a picture, and then fade away after it dries.  If you want the tempera paint to stay longer, put 50% glue and it will stick on the pumpkin but wash off your kids’ skin.  It’s a win-win.

Need ideas for painting pumpkins?  Check out these really creative and fun ideas from Country Living, pictures and instructions included.

Face Painting

All ages can dress up and have fun at parties with friends, family gatherings, school contests, and even work celebrations. What better way to go all out than to paint your face?  Todays Parents has 11 easy Halloween face painting tutorials to try at home before you go to the party.  Be sure and send me any pictures of your face painting, I’d love to see your creativity.

Make Delicious Hot Chocolate or All-Natural Pumpkin Spice

Something about fall and cold weather just makes me want a special flavored fall drink, like hot chocolate or chai tea or pumpkin flavored anything.  For an all-natural pumpkin spice creamer recipe, I’d like to try the one at by Samantha.  There’s also a maple hot chocolate recipe listed on Todays Parent.

Make a Pot of Chili or Gumbo

My awesome husband made me the best pot of chili when our weather first turned cool.  It was so good and for me, I can’t have tomatoes since I’m allergic to them. So, he made me tomato –free chili, and boy was it good.

He also makes the best gluten-free gumbo!  Down here in south Louisiana, gumbo is our special soup-like stew that is so good and such a comfort-food.  Haha, I know some of you are thinking we put weird things in our gumbo.  Nope, in our family, we just put normal food like chicken and beef sausage with a chicken stock.  Ooh, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

Homemade Gumbo

Leaf Peeping in Autumn

Leaf Peeping is a new term for some of us, and now I’ve added it to my bucket list.

What is Leaf Peeping?  It’s traveling the U.S. to see and take pictures of beautiful changing colors of fall leaves particularly in the upper Midwest and in northern New England.

Nature Walk or Scavenger Hunt

There’s something invigorating about walking outside in the cool air.  Here’s some ideas while you’re outside this fall:

  • Take your family on a nature walk and collect leaves.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt and find as many nature items as possible. Pair up 2-3 people and write down all the nature items you see: different leaves, flowers, pine cones, seeds, nuts, trees, animals, water features (creeks, ponds, lakes), clouds.
  • Boost your vitamin D with sunshine and breathe the air outside to refresh your body!
  • Take family photos

Family Camping

Maybe when you went on a nature walk, you wanted to stay outside for longer than a day.  This can be a great time of year to make plans to go camping with your family. Before you say this is out of your league, be willing to listen to a few alternative ideas to camping.

  • Glamping: glamorous camping is where camping meets luxury
  • Backyard camping: put up a tent in your own backyard, enjoy the comfort of home nearby, and it’s a great way to practice camping with little ones
  • Cabin camping: for those who need a good bed, bathroom close by, and even a kitchen to cook may want to choose a cabin
  • Rent a RV: ever want to go RV’ing?Some may even be considering buying a RV one day, this would be a great way to try it and see how you like it.
  • State Parks: beautiful nature, secure with nature park rangers, and learn all about the animals and nature you’re staying near just by talking to a park ranger
Family Activities in Fall

Family Photos

The fall is a great time to take your family photos!!  Taking pictures this fall will give you time to get your photos back in time for holidays and gift giving!  Outdoor photos with nature as the background make some of the most beautiful photos!  Have fun with choosing your outfits, the nature scenery, and some fun ideas for family photos.

Family photos make great gifts:

  • Christmas cards
  • Christmas gifts
  • Gifts anytime of year for parents and grandparents!

Fun Fall Food Ideas

I love fall food, from baking pumpkin cookies to smelling apple cider.  Here’s some great fall ideas for your family to create together.

More Fall Family Activities

If you want more fun activities for your family of all ages, check out these great links.  They’ve mentioned some great ideas and I’ve shared some of them in this article.

Thank you for joining me on your journey to improve your wellness.  Writing each blog article helps me feel happier, more connected, and thankful to be helping others improve their wellness.

I hope your fall is full of fun with your family that improves your wellness.  Join Moore Wellness Tribe to be able to receive wellness ideas, connect with other people who love wellness, and encourage holistic wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

I’d love to hear what you’re family does for fun, please send me pictures or ideason FacebookPinterest, or Instagram.


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