1. Thanks for the jump start, Beth! My poor house has 15 years of pile up. Now that we are kind of empty nesters (boomerang children – long story), I need to get to this!! I have a good mind to just pretend like I’m going to move, purge, box everything up, and put it all out on the lawn. Then I could clean really well and move only the stuff back in that “sparks joy!” My family thinks I’m out of my mind, but it sure would feel good when it was all done, right?

    • Beth Moore

      Hi Jill, you’re so welcome!! And I totally get it, there have been times in my life it was honestly easier to move than to deep clean and organize (in the early years of marriage). I will say that as someone who loves her belongings, I need methods that help you let go with being thankful. I try to use the KonMari method each week in one category, even if it’s a small category. Hope this helps!

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