Can the KonMari Method & Marie Kondo help bring you joy?

Ok, I found a show that really does bring joy in my home, especially helping with organizing & decluttering!! I love watching Marie Kondo on her show, Tidying Up, on Netflix.  I started watching the first season and before I knew it, I was on season 6. 

In this article:

  • Ask Yourself: Does This Bring Joy?
    • Moving forward brings joy
    • What to Keep Forever
  • Bonus: Joy Scale
  • Where to start & why

Tidying Up on Netflix Brings Joy

Have you seen Tidying Up on Netflix?

It’s a fresh of breath air for me, there’s something unique about her style of organizing and decluttering! It’s changing the way people see clutter, mess, and disorder.

Well, keep reading to learn how to organize and bring joy!

Ask Yourself: Does this Bring Joy?

The most important self-reflection question Marie Kondo asks is “Does this bring me joy?”

Self-reflection questions help confirm how you feel about every item you possess.  

Most Important Question

Ultimately, this is the most important question to ask yourself:

Do I feel joy with this item?

Does this bring me joy?

Let’s say you’re going through your clothes, you pick up each item and ask yourself this one simple question: Does this bring me joy?

What does ‘bring joy’ mean exactly?

Excited Joy

Well, if the item brings you excited joy, you might:

  • feel proud wearing it
  • love the way you felt when having this item
  • maybe you feel really excited about this item
  • feel happy when around this item

Feel stuck? What joy?

If you still feel stuck and unsure about how an item makes you feel, you may not be sure if the item bring you joy.

Any Spark of Joy?

So, prioritize by finding one item that you know brings you true joy.

  • Choose what you really love & find joyful.
  • Do you see anything in here that clearly sparks joy for you?

When you are going through clothes for example, it might help to choose a piece of clothing that you love to wear.  One person may choose a favorite bathrobe, another might choose a favorite shirt.  

Your favorite items bring will bring you joy.

Now that you have chosen what you really love and find joyful, you will know what that feels like for that clothing item to bring you joy.  

Still stuck? Read below for my very own bonus tip I use with the KonMari method.

Moving Forward Brings Joy

Moving forward can be difficult.

Sometimes, you may have trouble moving forward, and feel overwhelmed.  When these emotions flood over you, it can be difficult to logically decide what to keep and what to let go of.

  1. With each category, ask yourself what will help you move forward.
  2. Maybe you could start by tackling a less difficult area. Then work your way up to a harder area. Read the next article, about which areas to tackle first.
  3. There are self-reflections questions that can help you move forward. 

De-clutter questions to ask yourself:

  • “What would I like to bring with me in the future?”
  • “Will this item be beneficial in my life going forward?”

What to Keep Forever

It’s actually okay to choose certain special items to keep forever!!

As you are focusing on each category, find the one special item that means the most to you. 

Keep Forever Question:

Ask yourself this question:

“What’s the number one item that you will never let go?”

Now you will remember your fullest feeling of joy with your special item, and be able to measure other items to your joy scale.  

Read about my tip that helps me… BONUS: Joy Scale

BONUS: Joy Scale

This is my very own tip that helps me when I’m stuck. Using it with the KonMari Method really helps me move forward!

When emotions get the best of us, there are coping skills we can use that can help us regulate our emotions. One of the coping skills I use often and I’ve seen it help my clients is the scale.

Emotion Scales

Scales are used to help measure emotions, to understand how intense you are feeling an emotion. Scales are a Solution-Focused Therapy approach that help measure the intensity of something, to get a bigger picture of how intense is it.

For me, sometimes it’s easier to measure a feeling on a scale (similar to levels) to understand it’s depth of meaning for me.  If this makes it harder or more complicated, you don’t have to use this scale for de-cluttering.  

Joy Scale

Here’s how the Joy Scale works….

  1. Imagine the feeling of joy on a ladder with 10 rungs (levels). 
  2. Consider the feeling of Joy on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 = being the most joy you can imagine feeling, and 1 = being no joy.  
  3. Ask yourself: “What would I feel about this item on a scale of 1 to 10?”

Cut off level 

With 10 levels on your scale of Joy, what level would you like to indicate it’s time to give an item away? 

Now, what number is your cut off?  

For example, if a 10 is my ultimate joy when I have my favorite dress on, then a dress at a level 5 might be my cut off level. So, I would give away anything that I’d rate at a 5 and under.


  • Ask Yourself: Does This Bring Joy?
    • Moving forward brings joy
    • What to Keep Forever
  • Bonus: Joy Scale
  • Where to start & why


Where to Start & Why

Great news, there are 2 more articles to help you get more organized and help you de-clutter your space!

Why The KonMari Method Works

Why de-clutter, organize, and clean your space where you live?

Seriously, de-cluttering can be overwhelming.

Check out the simple goal of The KonMari Method and why it works!

Where to Start with The KonMari Method

Now, the next step is what to tackle first in your home.  

Where do you start??

More on that topic in the another article! Yep, that’s 2 more helpful articles about Marie Kondo’s: The KonMari Method.


KonMari Checklist


I hope this info is helpful for you on your life journey.  

If so, please share it with a friend and let us know how it has been the most helpful.

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