MooreWellness.Life shares how blogging benefits mental health and holistic wellness.  Blogging helps create mental health space for me to heal and help others.  Would you like to learn how blogging benefits mental health, physical wellness, emotional wellness, and spiritual wellness?

It’s amazing how blogging benefits mental health and holistic wellness.  Blogging helps create mental health space for me to heal and help others.  Would you like to learn how blogging benefits mental health, physical wellness, emotional wellness, and spiritual wellness?

Benefits of Blogging

How does blogging benefits the mind, body, and spirit?

  • Create a space for healing & mental health 
  • Benefits of blogging for self and for others
  • Why an authentic blog is vital

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Creating Mental Health Space for Blogging

I first started blogging to get my thoughts and emotions down on paper, to help me step back and look at them.  This safe space helps me process through everything swirling around inside me.

MooreWellness.Life shares how blogging helps create mental health space for healing.  Would you like to learn how blogging benefits mental health, physical wellness, emotional wellness, and spiritual wellness?

Blogging creates mental health space for healing.

Oh, the relief of the pressure unleashed was seriously helpful from the beginning.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t publish my first writings in my blog for a few years.  For quite some time, writing blog posts was just for my own personal processing and healing.

Why I Started Blogging… for Real

Well, it all started when I wanted to submit an application to be a Presenter at American Counseling Association (ACA) Conference.  This is my professional organization as a counselor, and it’s a bucket list item to present at this conference.  

On the ACA Conference application, they ask for your website.  Well, I didn’t have one.  

So, I thought, why not publish some of your writings on your blog?  Remember, up to this point the blog was private and not published to the public.

Thus began my journey into becoming a blogger.  First, I took an affordable and easy to understand “how to blog” e-course (details on that down below).  Then I began editing my writings to help others more.  

Oh the excitement!!  I found I love writing to help other people.  That is not a surprise considering helping others is one of my core values.

Risks for Blogging

For me, it makes sense to help others through my blog, which means the blog has to be public.

Oh man, to put your writing out there for the public is scary and risky.  What is people don’t like it?  What if they want to fix me (freely advice giving)?  

By being vulnerable, I’m taking chances with rejection and isolation.  

Blogging Brings Healing

Surprise!  Compassion & support are two of the biggest benefits I’ve been blessed to receive by blogging.  

Rejection and isolation are the opposite of what has happened since I started blogging.

Blogging benefits:

  • personal growth, healing, and understanding myself better
  • connecting with people who are in pain & wanting healing
  • bonding with fellow holistic healers
  • creating opportunities in the world for healing & wellness

Blogging & Being Authentic

Being authentic as a blogger is vital to connecting to people!  If I’m fake, people will spot it immediately! 

In my blog, the more I can be real, authentic, vulnerable and not perfect, the more people can relate to me and connect.

Yes, there are risks of of nay-sayers being critical and it will happen the more I reach out. That’s part of the journey of growth. It’s worth reaching out and blogging to grow personally and get support from my tribe.

Blogging Benefits Mind, Body, and Spirit

blogging mind body spirit

There are so many blogging benefits in mind, body, and spirit.

Blogging for Physical Health

Whenever I am sick or struggling physically, blogging helps me slow down and recover.   

I can write a blog while laying in bed and resting my physical energy.

The University of Texas shares more physical benefits of short-term writing out thought and feelings: 

  • enhance immune function
  • lower blood pressure
  • decrease heart rate
  • reduce asthma and arthritis symptoms
  • lessen sleep disturbances in patients with metastatic cancers

Blogging for Spiritual Wellness

Connecting to my God, my higher power, is part of my approach to blogging.  I actually go outside more to write in a peaceful space and it calms my soul.  I connect to God being outside and love weaving in spiritual resources in my blog.

Blogging Improves Self-Care

Blogging has helped me stay focused on self-care and taking care of myself.  The act of writing is one of my ways I practice self-care.  It’s for me and it feeds my soul.

The more I take care of myself and maintain my wellness, the more I can help others!  Blogging helps me have positive resources and energy to take care of others I care about.

I also write about self-care practices, so that in turn helps me be accountable.  If I’m encouraging others to do it, then I need to try to do it myself.

Blogging for Mental Health

American Psychological Association (APA) supports expressing our thoughts and feelings in expressive arts include blogging, journaling, art, music, theatre, and dance.  

When we express our feelings and thoughts, we don’t keep them stuffed inside until they explode.  We process and are able to grow, to connect, to heal.

Just the act of writing slows down our brain and helps us slow down.  Slowing down increases a healing response in our nervous system, which in turn brings healing to our mind, body, and spirit.

Blogging for Emotional Health

Blogging helps enhance local support, as well as connect people to shared experiences of thoughts and feelings.

Even the act of writing to the public community brings people together, enhancing the mental health of the people connecting. This act actually lessens social anxiety and emotional distress.

I write out my thoughts and feelings in my blog posts to help boost wellness.  

How do you express your thoughts & feelings so that they don’t build up and explode on those you care about?

Blogging Feeds Wellness

Blogging benefits include increasing wellness in many areas of life.  Since writing improves wellness, blogging improves wellness.

The more I blog about wellness, the more my own wellness improves.  I’m passionate about wellness!

Did you know wellness heals pain?  Wellness equips people with the skills to recover.  We need wellness to mend, to restore, to be whole.

I blog about spiritual wellness, emotional wellness, physical wellness, and mental wellness. Just to name a few.

What are you passionate about?

Starting a Blog

Interested in starting a blog?

For years, I wanted to start a blog and share it, but didn’t know where to start.  It was so overwhelming.  And I have talked to so many moms and helping professionals who would like to start a blog but don’t know how to begin.  There are so many details to figure out.

One resource has changed my blogging world for the better, and I want to share that resource with you.  I am an affiliate of this resource, and I choose my affiliates very carefully.  I believe in their services, products, and how much they’ve helped me improve.

#1 Favorite Blog Resource

My number #1 Favorite blogging resource is by far Suzi @ Start a Mom Blog.  She’s an Industrial Engineer who used to work for Disney and now stays home with her little ones.  She has turned her blog into a full-time income and helps people, particularly moms start blogs!

 I started blogging through taking fabulous e-courses that taught me:

  • quick guides to navigating blogging
  • expert steps on creating a professional blog
  • affordable resources and tips on blogging

For months, I tried to create my blog and I wasted so much time just trying to learn the terminology and technology!  Suzi saved me months of time with each tip.  Her courses seriously save me mental, emotional, and professional energy to focus on what’s important to me!

I highly recommend one of Suzi @ Start a Mom Blog’s foundational courses!

How to Start a Blog

Here’s the top course I’d start with: Blog by Number.  This course has all the basics you need to know with great step-by-step details including videos and printables to walk you through it.

Blog by Number

Another great option is to get a bundle course, which includes Blog  by Number and more helpful courses.  The bundle: Start a Mom Blog, has two great options:

Start a Mom Blog – 5 Course Bundle

            I started with the Start a Mom Blog – 5 Course Bundle.  It has everything you need to get started, and bonus courses such as Ebook by Number. Because one day, I want to write an Ebook!

If you think you want more pictures on your blog, then the other option to start your blog might be the Start a Mom Blog – Beginning Bundle.  

Start a Mom Blog – Beginning Bundle

Suzi also offers a FREE course that is very helpful, too!

First Month Blog Plan

I Want to Help You!

I want to help you heal and increase your wellness.  How you may ask?  Through wellness skills like self-care ideas and coping skills.  Wellness skills can help boost resiliency, decrease stress, and overcome anxiety & depression symptoms.  

Would you take just a minute to answer this one question, your first gut response would be very helpful.

__ What was your favorite Wellness skill that you’d like to learn more about? (Not sure? Read some of the blog articles and let me know.)

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Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to improve your wellness.  Writing each blog article helps me feel happier, more connected, and thankful to be helping others improve their wellness.

I hope blogging benefits your mental health & holistic wellness.  

Join Moore Wellness Tribe to be able to receive wellness ideas, connect with other people who love wellness, and encourage holistic wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

Join Moore Wellness Tribe to be able to receive wellness ideas, connect with other people who love wellness, and encourage holistic wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

I’d love to hear what you’re family does for fun, please send me pictures or ideas on FacebookPinterest, or Instagram.


Need someone to talk to?

If you need someone to help to talk to, counselors and mental health professionals can help provide support resources on:

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  • procrastination
  • relaxation skills
  • goal setting
  • personal development

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