What do Unicorns, Portable Propane Grills, and Supertea have in common?  This is just my opinion of what could be some of the most popular items for Amazon Prime Day = July 16, 2018!!   Great deals listed below:

Amazon Prime Day = 36 hours of sales!!

I use Amazon Prime all year long!!  It’s my #1 shopping site for wellness supplies, family games, educational resources and more!!

Note: This email contains affiliate links, which means I make a commission if you purchase through the links.  But I only recommend these products because I love them, and clicking the links comes at no extra cost to you.

Amazon Prime Day

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Amazon Lightning Deals

Lighting Deals

This is where I find the BEST DEALS on Prime Day!!  The lightning deals go fast so you have to be ready to buy.

My favorite way is to look ahead for upcoming deals and click on “watch this deal”, then I have time to compare the price and make sure it’s a good deal.

Amazon alarts me beforehand when the deal is about to be up and ready to buy.  Sometimes I don’t get the deals because the items goes so fast, and other times because it may not be the right time for me to get online and buy it.

Good luck, ope you get great lightning deals!

Amazing Prime Membership

This is a serious discount day for all Amazon Prime Members!!

Last year, on Amazon Prime Day 2017, we bought early Christmas & birthday presents that were at least half the cost and saved so much money.  And we were done with most of our shopping months ahead of time!!

If you are not a member, don’t worry, you can join for a free 30-day trial membership:

Amazon Prime Trial Membership

Amazon Prime Day = 36 hours of sales!!

Great Deals all year long!

Amazon Prime Day = Best Deals

Get the best deals on Prime Day = July 16, 2018!

Echo Dot — 40% off on Prime Day!  The Echo Dot is great for asking Alexa to play music & ask trivia questions!  This is a great voice-activated personal assistant connecting all your Amazon services and search the internet!

Echo Show — 43% off on Prime Day — play your favorite music, call friends and family, watch video clips, and control your smart home!

Shop Amazon Devices – Fire TV Stick Prime Day Deal $19.99

Amazon Fire Stick is 50% off today!

Toshiba Amazon Fire TV Edition is a 50-inch flat screen TV for 28% off today!  This includes full functionality of the Amazon web console built into the TV!

Students Prime — 50% off Prime for College Students!  Students can save money on renting and buying their textbooks.

Amazon Music Unlimited –New subscribers read unlimited books for only $.99 for 4 months!

Unlimited Kindle — NEW deal this year!  New subscribers read unlimited books for only $.99 for 3 months!

Britbox — New subscribers watch the biggest collection of streaming British shows for a 7-day FREE trial.   I Love watching British shows, especially the funny ones help me relax and unwind after a long day!

Amazon Handmade — discover genuinely handcrafted products created by local Artisans and Makers around the world.  I love to support local Artisans and Makers!

Amazon Prime Day Launches Most Popular Items

What do Unicorns, Portable Propane Grills, and Supertea have in common?  This is just my opinion of what could be some of the most popular items for Amazon Prime Day 2018!!

Unicorns are big right now, unicorn parties, unicorn cakes, unicorn toys!!

WowWee Fingerlings Light Up Unicorn

  • Mackenzie
  • Amazon Exclusive
  • Interactive Collectible Baby Pet
  • Lights Up

Bai Supertea Tennesse Braspberry Tea

Who doesn’t want a Supertea?  Especially from Bai, who crafts speciality antioxidant infused drinks to boost your immune system and keep you healthy.

  • Bai brand
  • Antioxidant Infused
  • Crafted with Real Tea (Black Tea, White Tea)
  • 18 Fluid Ounce Bottles
  • 12 count

Coleman RoadTrip 285

It’s summertime and grilling is the perfect way to gather friends and family and eat great food!!  Portable means you can take it with you to the beach or the lake house!

  • Perfect summer gift
  • Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill
  • Black color

Amazon Prime 30-day Trial Membership Details

Access this FREE 30-day Amazon Prime Trial Membership

  • Free 30-day trial membership:
  • Full access to all deals
  • Free fast shipping
  • Cancel anytime

You have time to join and still get deals!

Amazon Prime Day = July 16, 2018

NOTE: Prime Day starts on Monday, July 16 @ 12 pm PT/3 pm ET and ends on Tuesday, July 17. It will run for 36 hours, a six hours longer than Prime Day 2017!

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