Cost per session

    $50 (USD) per session with a sliding scale option.

    About me

    I am currently in my second year of the Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Nicholls State University in 2021. I have prior experience at a local mental health rehabilitation center, assisting people in the development and implementation of stabilizing skills. My sessions are recorded and presented to my supervisor and supervision group in order to best assist my clients and enhance my learning.

    I believe that my role is to collaborate with and prepare you for a journey of self-exploration—not just to achieve a better understanding of yourself, but ultimately to help you along in your pursuit of wellness. I try my best to promote an atmosphere of safety, listening, and care, but also an environment where we are not afraid to challenge each other. My hope is that, through our relationship, you will be able to grow in a direction that is helpful to you in achieving your counseling goals.

    Populations served

    I am open to seeing any client in adulthood or late adolescence; however, my focus includes helping individuals with interpersonal, relationship, and family conflicts; LGBTQ+ individuals; and people with disabilities. I am also interested in helping people with mental illness better navigate their lives and relationships as they cope with mental distress.

    Services Offered: I offer services to individuals, couples, and families. I use an integrative approach with all of my clients in order to best meet their unique counseling needs. Some specific perspectives and therapies I use include family systems (where we can zoom out and look at your family, found family, and/or housing situation as the focus of therapy), narrative therapy (where we look at your life as a story and consider how you want to continue that story), acceptance and commitment therapy (an approach that encourages you to grow in the direction of your values), and more.