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A Little About Me

Hi Ya’ll, I’m Beth Moore, LPC, and I am very passionate about Play Therapy & Sandtray Therapy and helping people heal in mind-body-spirit.  I am the founder and owner of Moore Wellness LLC and Holistic Sandtray Institute LLC in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Beth’s Training

I have earned a Master’s of Science Degree in Counselor Education from the University of Louisiana in Lafayette in 2016.  This is my second career, and I am so excited to say I am Beth Moore, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor.)

Beth’s Credentials

I have have gained thousands of hours to be a Professional Helper in clinical experience in counseling, Play Therapy, and Sandtray Therapy with all ages!!

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
  • Registered Play Therapist (RPT)
  • Internationally Credentialed Sandtray Therapist – Provider (ICST-P)

I regularly teach about holistic wellness, Sandtray Therapy, and trauma recovery at international conferences. 

At my office in Lafayette, Louisiana, I offer individual, couples, and family counseling utilizing play therapy and creative interventions like Sandtray Therapy!! I love to work with all ages, including children ages 3 and up to elderly adults. 

Beth Moore, LPC & Play Sandtray Therapy

I specialize in Play Therapy and Sandtray Therapy with clients who have experienced trauma, by using Neurobiologically-Informed and Trauma-Informed creative integrative therapies for healing mind-body-spirit.  

I utilize Holistic Integrative Therapies, such as mind-body-spirit experiences, Massage Therapy, Tai Chi, & meditations holistically heal the whole person. 

Favorite Play Therapy: Sandtray Therapy

What is my favorite thing about Play Therapy & Sandtray Therapy? 

So, my favorite type of Play Therapy is Sandtray Therapy, it’s my jam!! 

I love how I can use Play Therapy & Sandtray Therapy to help all ages, all people, and all walks of life.  I have these wonderful tools to heal and integrate client’s with their own self and with others in mind, body, and spirit.

Fun Fact about Sandtray Therapy

I fell in love with Play Therapy in graduate school during my first Play Therapy class. I had finally found my natural language to use with my clients, Play Therapy. Now, I knew how to be a good counselor using creative interventions & techniques, called Play Therapy!!

Interesting fact?

Usually, therapists use Play Therapy & Sandtray Therapy with kids, like kids ages 3-11 years old.  Well, fun fact, I use Play Therapy & Sandtray Therapy mostly with teens and adults, and yes, I see kids, too.

My Favorite Technique

What’s my favorite Play Therapy intervention? Well it’s actually a Sandtray Therapy technique… a quick tray!

Quick Tray: here’s how it works

  • I let me clients know we are going to do a quick sandtray where I set a timer for one minute, and they choose any miniatures their drawn to.
  • Timer set for one minute, I say “Ok, ready? Set … go”!
  • They scurry around and quickly grab their miniatures, then we process.
  • And it’s amazing, every time!! They bypass their logical left brain to connect to their emotional right brain, digging deep into healing and integrating meaning, memories, and making decisions about what’s important. 
  • I use this intervention after a few sessions of introducing Sandtray Therapy, and getting to know the client first.

Why Sandtray Therapy? 

Sandtray Therapy is my jam!!

I am trained as an Internationally Credentialed Sandtray Therapist. I love it so much that I am also a Provider, which means I can teach the credentialing training for others to become Sandtray Therapists!! Woohoo!!

It all started for me during graduate school in counseling when I realized I had forgot about myself and my wellness. As I processed my first sandtray, those little miniatures were a visual representation of my life, I was sacrificing myself to achieve unrealistic goals and please others. Well, that changed my life.

What Beth Moore, LPC Learns From Clients

Want to know an interesting life lesson I learned from a client? 

This is it… Meet the Client where they are, and don’t assume you have the answer. 

My Client Who Changed My Perspective

I know, this may sound counter-intuitive since we do need to know some answers as Professional Helpers.  Well, hear me out.  I remember meeting with this male client.  His assessment results indicated he was interested in business.  Yet his major was in a helping profession of social science.  So, I asked a lot of questions, which made him feel uncomfortable.  Then he got upset with me for not listening to him, and for trusting the test more than him.  Wow, I was blown away and so apologetic. 

This was early in my counseling career and I’ll never forget how important it was to get to know my client first, really listen to his answers, and not assume I already have the answer.  Once I heard his story, I realized that he was majoring in a field to make a difference in people’s lives and would use his business degree to actually make a good living at it. 

Top 3 Things I Learned

This one client taught me how to be flexible, be wiling to learn, and meet my client where they are.  I feel  so blessed to be a Play Therapist and Sandtray Therapist, to help others heal.

Connect with You

I’d love to get to connect with you!  I hope to get to meet each of you and hear your story, so excited to be a part of Moore Wellness Tribe!! 

I am Beth Moore, LPC and lover of Sandtray Therapy!!

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Beth Moore, LPC, RPT, ICST-P